Hagerty All Metal Polish


This is the polish that we recommend for cleaning any product that has a combination of gold and silver together, such as a show halter with gold scrollwork.  Hagerty-100 is designed to handle the toughest polishing jobs and produce a brilliant finish on ALL METALS.  Hagerty-100 protects metals with three tarnish and corrosion inhibitors for protection that other polishes can’t match.

Apply a SMALL amount of Hagerty-100 and spread it evenly over the surface of your silver/gold items.  Careful not to use too much product.  Hagerty-100 works best when you have an even and thin coat of polish on your silver.  Rub the product vigorously but also precisely with a soft cloth.  Buff the excess product off with a separate clean towel.  Important: It’s not about how much product you use but more importantly about how much you rub.

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