Hagerty Polishing Cloth


The Hagerty Polishing Cloth is specially designed to quickly and effectively clean and polish all gold, silver, brass and bronze.  The inner white cloth is treated with R-22 tarnish preventative that is gentle and thorough in cleaning and buffing away tarnish.  The outer blue cloth is designed to be used as a buffer to heighten your silver’s lustre and brilliance. This cloth is ideal for cleaning or dusting lightly tarnished silver quickly before heading in to the show pen.
Firmly wipe your silver with the inner white cloth of the Hagerty Polishing Cloth to remove tarnish. The harder you rub, the better it shines. Do not be afraid to continue to use the black places on the cloth. Most people believe you must use a clean spot on the cloth, however, the black is not tarnish or dirt but is only the oils in the cloth coming out. Do not get this cloth on any leather or it will leave black on the leather. If you do get black polish on the leather, isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth will clean it off.  You may also use the outer blue layer of the cloth to give your silver a final buff and finished shine.

Use in companion with other Hagerty products like Hagerty Silver Clean. After using these products as directed, buff the surface of the article with the Silver and Jewelry Polishing Cloth to protect against tarnish.

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