“Missy” Spurs


Finish: EquiArmor Finish
Band Width: 1-1/4″
Shank Style: B & Turned In
Rowel: #3
Shank Length: 2-3/8″

Handmade blued steel spurs with heavy sterling silver hand engraved flower scrollwork covering the band & shank. This spur also features hand engraved sterling silver name on the band of the spur and hand set amythest stones in the flowers.  This spur has the custom name on the outside of the spurs and scrolling on the inside of the spurs.   The shank length is measured from where the shank meets the cup to the very end of the shank, but not including any portion of the rowel.

This is a sample – To place a custom spur order give us a call at 336-874-2100 or 336-874-2194 during our office hours

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