Harris Leather Cleaning Kit


A two-part kit designed specially for cleaning leather tack items such as saddles, headstalls, halters, belts, spur straps and more.

Part 1: Harris Blue Foam Cleaner – mix with water to create a sudsy bath, then wash leather article with a soft bristle brush. Always be sure to towel dry/wipe off suds, never rinse your saddle or tack item.
Part 2: Harris Acrylic Finisher – Only to be applied after cleaning leather with Harris Blue Foam Cleaner. An acrylic finish that acts like a clear coat for the leather, bringing back the showroom shine to even the oldest leather. To be applied using a foam brush (not included), evenly to the entire leather article. Because this product puts a clear-coat on the leather, it should only be applied once every couple of years to prevent it from building up in the tooling of the leather.

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