Harris Complete Saddle Cleaning Kit


A comprehensive cleaning kit that includes all the items necessary for cleaning both leather and silver on your show saddles, bridles, and halters.  It includes all of the Harris family’s favorite cleaning products and even includes brushes and towels.  Printed directions are located on the inside lid of the case, so you’ll never be without expert tips and guidance when using these products.  All of this is contained in a compact box with a carry handle for easy storage and handling of your supplies.  The case ensures that all of your supplies stay together and never get lost.

The cleaning kit includes: Hagerty Silver Dip – Hagerty Polishing Cloth – Hagerty Aerosol Silversmiths’ Polish – Harris Blue Foam Soap – Harris Acrylic Finisher – Sprayway Glass Cleaner – Microfiber Towels (3) – Foam Paint Brush (3) – Toothbrush