Saddle 715



Seat Size: 15 1/2″
Seat: Black Embossed Suede
Tooling: Entz
Stirrups: Full Leather
Rear Rig Dees: Regular Round

Saddle 715 is designed with our new horsemanship skirts.  We extended the size of the close contact cut-out located under the fender to allow the rider to get a better feel with his or her legs positioned further back. This saddle is also built with our Pleasure Seat.  It is a much lower front with gradual slope to the swell. The ground seat & seat are lowered to give the rider more movement and room in the front of the saddle seat.  This saddle is also designed with a more traditional look without any two-tone accents.  The design on this saddle is very timeless and classic.  Please contact us at (336)874-2100 or (336)874-2194 if you have questions regarding saddle #715.

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 23 x 18 in

Only 1 left in stock

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