Saddle 683



Seat Style: Equitation
Seat Size: 15 1/2″
Tooling: Mountain Laurel
Seat: Hybrid (1/2 Black Full Quill Ostrich – 1/2 Black Suede)
Stirrups: Half Leather/Half Black Wooden Nettles Stirrups
Rear Rigging Dees: Surry

The natural stripes and contrasting black studs along the skirt of this saddle make it very unique from other designs.  This saddle features oversize 45 degree cornerplates with a three-dimensional raised square pattern overlaid on top.  Each piece of sterling silver is hand-engraved to a brilliant shine.   This saddle features our hybrid saddle seat.  The hybrid seat allows the rider to have the look of a rich exotic seat while still maintaining the comfort and grip of a suede seat.  If you have questions regarding saddle 683, please contact (336)874-2100 or (336)874-2194.

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 23 x 17 in

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