Saddle 087



Seat Size: 16 1/2″
Seat: Equitation Seat
Tooling: Collection
Seat Material: Hybrid (1/2 Black Suede – 1/2 Black Crocodile)
Stirrups: Half Leather/Half Stainless Steel
Rear Rigging Dees: XXL

Saddle 087’s design is centered around lots of genuine black crocodile leather paired with exceptionally detailed hand carved leather.  The bottom skirts of this saddle are made of solid black crocodile, along with the saddle’s cantleback.  It features platform style cornerplates with a matching platform concho set and a beaded silver front.  This saddle also features our Hybrid seat.  It is a combination of black suede and genuine black crocodile.   The hybrid seat allows the rider to have the grip, feel and ride of a suede seat while still maintaining the look of a rich exotic seat.  If you have questions regarding saddle 087, please contact (336)874-2100 or (336)874-2194.

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